Retrieve Audio Files Deleted after iPod Sync

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iTunes acts as an interface between your iPod and the computer to which it is connected to. All the interaction between the iPod and the iTunes is done by means of iPod syncing. Once the iPod is successfully synced with the PC, you can easily tune to your favorite music and video files though iTunes application. During any file transfer or iPod upgradation process the iPod has to be synced with the iTunes to make the file transfer possible. However, in certain occasions the iPod syncing does not go as smoothly as expected. As a result the songs in the iPod may get deleted after syncing or sometimes the iPod may freeze for a shot span of time leading to severe data loss.

Just imagine how will you feel when you suddenly found the music files from you iPod are completely deleted after you connected it to the PC??? You must be absolutely clueless about what happened. Well, that’s quiet natural. Don’t worry!!! This might occur due to iPod sync error. However, you still have the chance to recover the deleted songs from your iPod even after they are removed after sync error. This is because; the deleted audio files will be there in the iPod hard disk even after deletion. Only the access to those music files has been removed due to deletion process. You can easily recover songs from iPod using iPod recovery tool as long as they are not overwritten with some new files.

Therefore, it is really important to prevent the deleted files from getting permanently lost. So keep the iPod unused until the deleted songs are recovered and try to recover the deleted song as soon as possible using iPod recovery tool.

The iPod sync may result in music file deletion due to some of the following scenarios:

Due to virus: Viruses can be the reason behind sync error in iPod. The viruses may corrupt the iTunes application resulting in iPod sync error. They may even corrupt the iPod hard disk resulting in iPod disk corruption which also leads to iPod data loss. You can get files back from iPod using recovery software. Click here to know more about the recovery process.

Windows registry corruption: If the Windows Registry is corrupted, then it may affect the installed application. In such scenario if you try to synchronize the iPod with the PC, it may become difficult to access any application such as of iTunes which may result in iPod sync error.

Abrupt iPod ejection: If the iPod is abruptly removed during iPod synchronization, then it may result in deletion / loss of some audio files from the iPod disk. In such cases, the iPod may freeze or stop responding sometimes resulting in sever data loss. In such situation, you can restore music from iPod to iTunes using recovery software, for more .

Faulty software: If the iTunes version you are using is not compatible with the current operating system you are using then it may result in iPod sync error. As a result of this some files from the iPod hard drive may get deleted / lost including photos, videos and audio files. Other than this if you have installed any Antivirus software in your PC and incase the iPod is virus infected then it may deleted some music files off the iPod during synchronization process.

However, all your problems caused due to any of the above scenario can be solved by using iPod recovery tool within few minutes. This particular software can retrieve photos, audios and video files deleted / lost from iPod Classic, Shuffle, Nano. It can retrieve deleted songs from iPod Classic after accidental deletion. The software can restore iPod data lost after accidental iPod format. If the iPod hard disk is corrupted or not responding due to any reason then in such cases you need to restore or reset the iPod. If you don’t have proper data backup, then you will lose all your iPod data after iPod reset. In such a scenario, this software can recover songs erased after iPod Shuffle reset.

This iPod recovery tool supports various types of music file recovery like MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, WAV and many more. This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system (both 32 bit and 64 bit). For various iPod data loss scenarios on Mac, this utility allows you to restore iPod music files to computer on Mac, for information regarding this read here. You can evaluate this software’s efficiency by using its demo version.

The steps which will enable you to retrieve audio files deleted after iPod sync are as follows:

Step 1: First of all connect the iPod to your computer and then download and launch the iPod Recovery Software in the hard drive. The main window displays 3 options, select “Recover Photos” option among those 3 options. Now, select “Recover Deleted Photos” option from the next screen to retrieve deleted audio files from connected iPod

Recover Songs from iPod - Welcome Screen

Step 2: Then select iPod to as the logical drive from which the deleted songs are to be restored and then click on “Next” to initiate the photo recovery process. As you select the iPod, the software scans the iPod to recover the deleted music files from it. Once the data recovery process is over, view recovered data to estimate recovery results.

Recover Songs from iPod - View Recovered Images

It will be better to take regular backup of important songs to avoid such type of issues in the future. Use “Eject” option in iTunes to remove the iPod from the computer in a proper way. Disable “Auto Synchronization” option to avoid automatic deletion of iPod files during iPod synchronization with iTunes.

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