Restore Songs from iPod to Computer on Mac

Did you end up in losing your entire song collections from your iPod while trying to solve some different issues?? The iPod was connected to your MacBook Air and you were updating the iPod library with some new songs. But the disaster occurred when you touched the USB cable of the iPod accidentally it got removed from the computer. As soon as you realized it, you connected the iPod again to your MacBook Air to check if everything is ok or not. But what you witness after that was even more frustrating!!! Your Mac machine asked you to restart when you tried to access the iPod songs though it. After you restarted the system, you encountered an error message saying that the iTunes has detected a corrupted iPod. You tried to access the iPod by connecting to your friends system but still faced the same problem.

Now the only thing that must be going in your mind is how to get back the lost iPod data specially the music files which you have purchased from iTunes library. You must be totally frustrated by assuming that you have lost them permanently. But let me assure you one thing the music files from you iPod are not lost forever. There are still chances of recovering the lost iPod songs onto your MacBook Air. You can recover songs from iPod to Mac computer using iPod recovery tool.

The software is capable of recovering deleted / lost songs from iPod onto your Mac Machine. The only thing you need to make sure that the files in the iPod should not be overwritten with some new files. You can do this by keeping the corrupted iPod unused until you retrieve data from corrupted iPod completely, for more go ahead

Following are some scenarios due to which the music files from your iPod can be lost while it is connected to your Mac based computer:

Disconnecting iPod forcefully: Music files from iPod can be deleted / lost due to improper removal of the iPod from the computer. This may interrupt the file transfer or songs update process in the iPod resulting in iPod file system corruption. Therefore, you may encounter strange error messages when you connect the iPod to the computer next time. The Mac computer may even stop responding if the iPod is severely corrupted.

Failed Synchronization: The audio files from iPod can be lost as a result of failed synchronization process. The iPod is synchronized with the iTunes when it is plugged to any computer so as perform any data transfer process. However, if the synchronization process is interrupted or failed due to any reason then it results in iPod data loss including the valuable music files.

Software incompatibility: The firmware installed in the iPod is not compatible with the operating system version of your Mac computer then it gives rise to severe data loss issue. The iPod disk may be corrupted hence not recognized by the operating system installed in the Mac computer.

Common user mistake: Human mistake has always been the leading cause of data loss. The songs from iPod can be accidentally deleted by selecting wrong audio files from iTunes playlist or selecting restore option in iPod unintentionally.

However, iPod recovery software is the all-in-one solution to the above mentioned scenarios. This software is specially designed with powerful algorithms to recover deleted or lost media files like photos, audios and videos from iPod. It supports get back songs from iPod Nano, Classic, Mini and Shuffle. It can restore deleted songs from iPod Classic. If the iTunes is not compatible with the current operating system version or is outdated then also the iPod synchronization fails resulting in music file deletion. You will found some music file missing after iPod sync error. Sometimes the iPod may stop responding after the sync error occurred. In such cases this software helps you to retrieve music files deleted after iPod sync error, to know about this move here.

Sometimes, you need to reset your iPod purposefully when it stops responding or freezes due to some reason. In such cases if you don’t have a complete backup of your music library then you will lose them after iPod reset. This software will help you to recover audio files erased after iPod Shuffle reset in case you do not have proper backup, for information regarding this click here. You can preview the recovery result before actually saving the recovered audio files to your Mac hard disk.

Now the procedure to retrieve music files from iPod to your MacBook Air is explained below:

Step-1: Connect the iPod to your Mac computer and then download and install the trial version of iPod Recovery Software. Upon its successful launching, you will come across a welcome screen with three different options. Choose “Recover Photos” to retrieve the lost iPod songs. Then select “Recover Lost Photos” from the next windows.

Recover Songs from iPod - Welcome Screen

Step-2: Then choose the connected iPod as the logical drive from which the audio files are lost and click on “Next” to start the song recovery process. Once the recovery process is completed, you can preview all the songs retrieved from your iPod.

Recover Songs from iPod - View Recovered Images

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