Recover Songs from iPod to PC

iPod is a music player used store songs, video, games, photos etc. iPod has a flash memory which can store up to 160 GB of digital data. IPod is mostly used to play songs and videos. You can always carry and listen to your favorite songs with help of iPod. It consists of iTunes library that generally manages and organizes songs in the form of playlist. You can have the collection of all admired songs on iPod flash memory as playlist. But sometimes, while playing songs your iPod may stop or freeze due to some unknown reasons. This may happen due to virus attack, outdated software, changes in humidity and temperature or due to overcharging of the battery.

It mostly happens when you connect your iPod to PC for updating the iPod library with some new songs. If the updating process fails due to accidentally removal of iPod from the computer or due to sudden system shutdown it mostly results in corruption of iPod. In such case after system restart when you try to access your iPod, you get error message saying that the iTunes has detected a corrupted iPod.

Now the only thing that comes to your mind is how to get back the lost iPod data specially the songs which you have collected from so long. You may feel totally frustrated thinking that you have lost all songs. But before you leave hope of getting your lost songs, here is a way to come out of such situation. There is still a chance to recover songs from iPod to PC. You can recover songs from iPod to computer using iPod recovery tool. This software is capable of recovering all deleted / lost songs from iPod onto your computer. First make sure that the deleted or lost songs are not overwritten with some new files. You can do this by avoiding the use of corrupted iPod until all the songs are retrieved.

Some of the other situations when you need to recover songs from iPod to PC are:

Failed Synchronization: The songs can be lost from iPod as a result of failed synchronization process. To perform data transfer between iPod and PC, the iPod is synchronized with the iTunes. However, if the synchronization process gets interrupted or failed due to any reason like abrupt removal or system shutdown then it results in deletion of all the songs from iPod.

Software incompatibility: If the firmware installed on the iPod is incompatible with the version of operating system installed on PC then the iPod flash drive may get corrupted and thus result in loss of all songs from iPod.

Human Errors: Common errors like accidental deletion of songs or inadvertent formatting of iPod have always been the leading cause of data loss. The songs from iPod may get accidentally deleted by selecting a wrong file from iTunes playlist or selecting restore option in iPod unintentionally resulting in loss of your favorite songs from iPod.

However, iPod recovery software is one of the best solutions for restoring songs on iPod Nano, Shuffle, Mini and Classic in all of the above mentioned scenarios. This software is specially designed by industry experts with powerful algorithms to recover deleted or lost media files like photos, audios and videos from iPod. Therefore, it helps you to recover iPod music files on Mac as well as in Windows, for more about Mac go . It is a simple and easy approach to recover songs from iPod to PC. It can recover songs from frozen iPods after the sync error. It can also help you to retrieve music files deleted after iPod sync error, To know about this read here. You can preview the recovery result before actually saving the recovered songs to your PC hard disk.

Now the procedure to recover songs from iPod to PC explained below:

Step-1: Connect the iPod to your PC and then download and install the trial version of iPod Recovery Software. Upon its successful launching, you will come across a welcome screen with three different options. Choose “Recover Photos” to retrieve the lost iPod songs. Then select “Recover Lost Photos” from the next windows.

Recover Songs from iPod to PC - Welcome Screen

Step-2: Then choose the connected iPod as the logical drive from which the audio files are lost and click on “Next” to start the song recovery process. Once the recovery process is completed, you can preview all the songs retrieved from your iPod.

Recover Songs from iPod to PC - View Recovered Images

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